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We are the only A2LA Certified lab in Southern California that can calibrate and certify photometers and light meters to ISO 17025.

Our Company

K-Light Laboratories has over 40 years of experience in the Photometric field performing test, repair and calibration of photometers and colorimeters. Our capabilities also include performance testing of a variety of commercial products for the medical and traffic safety industries.

• NVIS traceable measurements

Over 50 different pieces of certified equipment including:

• 1980C/NVG PhotResearch unit

• OL-750 Optronic Labs

• Specialized LED traffic lamp testing Goniometer

We pride ourselves in quick turnaround for Service and Calibration. Our operation is structured to meet stringent quality control requirements under which all equipment and standards are maintained to meet or exceed the requirements of ANSI/NCSL Z5401 - MIL STD - 45662A ISO/IEC 17025.

Jose A. Perez, CEO 
Juan J. Mendez, President

Combination Photometer/ Spectroradiometer with NVIS test capability

Brightness measurements as well as Chromaticity and NVIS measurements are made using this equipment. The target is viewed through an eye piece and the unit measures only what is covered by the dark dot. This dot is actually an aperture which the user selects prior to measuring. This unit is periodically calibrated so all measurements are NIST traceable.

Photometer Service & Calibration

A NIST traceable Intensity secondary Standard lamp set at 2856 deg. Kelvin is used as the basis for all Luminance and Illuminance calibrations. All equipment used in the calibration procedures are frequently calibrated and abide to a traceability chart which track every piece of NIST traceable equipment in the laboratory.