Rear End Train
Marking Device

This End-of-Train marking device is solidly built to withstand years of abuse. It features:

  • Rugged design
  • Super Bright LED’s
  • Portable under 10 lbs.
  • 24 hours to a charge
  • Low batter indicator
  • 4 hour charge time
  • Commercial 12vdc charger
  • FRA Certified
  • Vibration proof train coupler mount
end of train device


Only K-Light offers this testing and calibration platform designed for optics quality engineering.

All aluminum black anodized construction with stainless steel shafts and frelon lined bearings for smooth movement. The turn-key system includes a 24" photometer/camera mounting focus slide. System is ready to use after 5 minute assembly.

Light Standard

The standards are designed and constructed for maximum stability with flashed glass screens and color filters located remote to the lamps to eliminate fading due to heat. The lamps are MS 24367-type, selected for optimum filament location and performance to further enhance stability. These lamps contribute to the same spectral result on the screen as found in actual products where similar low-color temperature lamps are utilized.

No paints or other unstable materials are used, ensuring maintenance of calibrated values found to vary less than .001 for chromaticity and 1{36bcd32e466f48d3b72470e37aae841cfbc8835d097b487cb9c381d408a26879} for luminance over a one year interval. All standards are provided with a NIST traceable certification. Setting for luminance and chromaticity for calibrating 3 or 4 filter photometers.

The unit comes in a black anodize case with dimensions of 1" dia. x 3" and has gold-plated terminals for optimum electrical contact. All materials and workmanship are under 1 year warranty.

The unit is available in 10 military colors, and other custom colors.

Circle standard

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